SnowHaze iOS Browser

As most readers here know, I have a somewhat tepid relationship with alternative internet browsers for iOS. I think Safari can be made reasonably private and secure (especially when coupled with Firefox Focus). For users who want maximum security from their browser, however, I have another recommendation. I have recently fallen for the SnowHaze iOS browser.

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iOS Browser Security: Firefox Focus Review

I generally don’t recommend alternative internet browsers for iOS. This is in part because I believe keeping the number of apps on the device to a bare minimum is a good idea, and because I have never really loved one. While the former has not changed, the latter may have. Firefox Focus is Mozilla’s new privacy-centric iOS browser, and this post is a Firefox Focus review.

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ProtonMail Two-Factor and Single Password Mode

Two days ago, ProtonMail released version 3.6. A number of new features were added in this release. The biggest one is long-awaited: two-factor authentication. Another new feature that interested me is ProtonMail’s new single password mode. Continue reading “ProtonMail Two-Factor and Single Password Mode”