iOS 10 iCloud

I admit being deeply distrustful of cloud storage generally. Cloud storage servers containing large amounts of data are natural targets for hackers. This was famously demonstrated with the 2014 breaches of over 100 celebrities’ iCloud accounts. Information stored in the cloud may also be vulnerable in transit, is stored on hardware you do not control, and may be impossible to fully delete. Continue reading “iOS 10 iCloud”

Encryption Versus Physical Security

Encryption is a hot topic these days. I write about both encryption and physical security on this blog, and some people find this curious. I believe there is a good deal of overlap in these two topics, however. This post will discuss encryption versus physical security, and why each matters in protecting data. Continue reading “Encryption Versus Physical Security”

iOS 10: iTunes Security Uses

Apple’s iTunes and iCloud applications are both extremely important. Both allow you the ability to conduct backups and do file transfers. Both have some challenges and some slightly different capabilities however. Today I am going to cover some iTunes security features that you should be using. Continue reading “iOS 10: iTunes Security Uses”

Rubber Hose Decryption

I hear the phrase “rubber hose decryption” thrown around a lot. The concept of rubber hose decryption is essentially that any encryption is only as strong as its password, and the password can eventually be beaten out of you (presumably with a rubber hose). The term can also be applied to other unsavory – but certainly less severe – tactics like blackmail or imprisonment. There are some potential countermeasures, but they may not be the ones you think. Continue reading “Rubber Hose Decryption”