Five Steps to Protecting Your Home Address

Achieving comprehensive personal privacy is a complicated goal involving a lot of complex, discrete steps. On this blog I spend a lot of time focusing on the highly specific, individual steps. Often we fail to provide a lot of context for why we’re doing them, or how they fit into the bigger picture. This was called to my attention recently when an old friend contacted me. He has a legitimate safety reason to wish to be more private, and asked me for advice. Unfortunately, I don’t have a single blog post I could offer him that effectively introduces the basic steps of protecting your home address. Continue reading “Five Steps to Protecting Your Home Address”

ProtonMail Five Years Later, Part III: Security Features

I have been using ProtonMail full-time for over five years, and recommending it for almost six. This blog is littered with references to it, along with several incremental updates. A lot has changed since ProtonMail’s beginnings; this post will cover some features of ProtonMail’s premium plans: aliases and custom addresses, custom domains, multiple users, and more. Continue reading “ProtonMail Five Years Later, Part III: Security Features”