3DSC 2.30: Help Make Others Private and Secure

After you have spent the last month doing the Thirty Day Security Challenge, today’s task is one of the most important you can undertake: help make others more private and secure.

Difficulty: Hard
Active Time: Immeasurable
How it Helps You: Encrypt more of your communications,

Help Make Others More Private and Secure

Helping others become more private and secure is rewarding for a number of reasons. It is rewarding to know you are helping make your spouse, parents, friends, or co-workers more resilient to hacking, warrantless surveillance, and other invasions of privacy. There are also very pragmatic reasons to get others to opt-out of mass surveillance. Services like ProtonMail, Signal, and Wire only work between users of the service. If you get your family and friends to join you, you greatly increase the percentage of your own communications that are encrypted. Don’t forget that your friends and family have sensitive information about you including photos, your phone number and real email address, etc. Making them more secure makes this information more secure. Finally, by increasing the users of these services you also support these companies and services that are bucking the status quo.

I have written about this before in THIS ARTICLE – and I highly recommend you go read it. It offers some good strategies for convincing others to use these tactics, techniques, and procedures. I’m not going to repeat the content here, though. Instead I am going to leave you with the following light-hearted list of talking points when convincing others to use encryption. This isn’t my list – it was given to me by my girlfriend, who used variations of these lines to get her co-workers on board.

  1. If you don’t, you will look dumb.
  2. If you do, you’ll look badass!
  3. If you don’t, you might be left out…
  4. It will impress your friends, and
  5. It will get you more friends!
  6. Hot people will think more highly of you.
  7. You will impress your boss.
  8. It is fun!
  9. It is easy.
  10. It is free.

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