Gear Review: Anker Powerline Cable

Anker Powerline Cable

I know gear reviews are a little out of my lane. With the combination of the impending Your Ultimate Security Guide: iOS deadline, writing a couple articles for Lucky Gunner, and working on the DeleteMe series, I haven’t had a ton of time to focus on in-depth projects. So I though I would talk about some gear that I use on a daily. It’s not necessarily security-related but it’s important to me just the same. Since I use phones to research, write, and teach live courses, charging and syncing is something I do a lot of. OEM cables – especially iPhone cables – are really prone to failure at the connections where they are bent and pulled. I have been on the hunt for a suitable replacement and have finally found one: the Anker Powerline cable series.

The Anker Powerline Cable

Unlike the OEM iPhone cables, these cables are rugged. The connections on the Powerline cables are reinforced by a thick layer of pliable rubber/plastic to prevent breakage at the connections. I also like the fabric-like sheath the cable is in; it shows dirt much less readily than the stock Apple version. Perhaps best of all these cables are available in varying lengths: 1′, 3′, and 6′. I carry a 1′ Powerline in my bag for use with my Anker Astro E1 external battery, and for charging from/syncing with my MacBook. I use the 3′ version in my car and for general use, and the 6′ Powerline by the bed. If you are not an iOS user, Anker also offers micro-USB versions of these cables. They come in 1′, 3′, 6′, and 10′ lengths.

Anker Powerline Charging CableOne of the coolest features of these cables (and one I didn’t expect the first time I ordered one) is the nifty little pouch it comes in. The pouch as a magnetic closer that keeps it shut, and a Velcro tab to hold the cable. My laptop bag is a jumble of wires already; this is a very nice touch that helps me stay a bit more organized. If you’re in the market for a charging cable, you could do a lot worse than one of these.

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