O&O Shutup 10: Multipurpose Windows 10 Tool

One of my favorite security tools for Windows 10 is one that I also have a hard time categorizing. It is incredibly versatile and touches a lot of different aspects of security. This tool is called O&O ShutUp10. If you’re a Windows 10 user and you aren’t using this, you should definitely give it a look. Continue reading “O&O Shutup 10: Multipurpose Windows 10 Tool”

Do Not Disturb From Objective-See

If you are a Mac user and you haven’t heard of Objective-See, you should have. Objective-See is a company founded by former NSA guy† Patrick Wardle that provides some excellent security tools for macOS. Objective-See’s “Do Not Disturb” application is a very cool physical security tool for Mac users that alerts you if your Mac’s lid is opened.  Continue reading “Do Not Disturb From Objective-See”

HTTPS Certificate Fingerprinting

I’ve talked a lot about HTTPS, but no one really explains how to make sure your connection is really valid. In some situations I have wanted to look beyond the green padlock icon. This concern has grow with reports of various public Wi-Fi services intentionally breaking HTTPS connections. Hardware manufacturers have shipped devices with what amounts to pre-installed malware for the same purpose. I’ve written about this before but I thought it was worth doing a video on HTTPS certificate fingerprinting. Continue reading “HTTPS Certificate Fingerprinting”

3DSC 2.29: Create Backups of Your Files

Last year I suffered a catastrophic malfunction of my main hard drive.  After returning from a work trip I settled in to check email only to find my computer unwilling to boot.  This is not the first time I have broken a computer.  Fortunately this time I was prepared.  The step that saved me in this instance is today’s task: backup your files. Continue reading “3DSC 2.29: Create Backups of Your Files”

3DSC 2.28: Obscure Your Phone Number

Your phone number may not seem like a big deal. You give it out to nearly everyone one – and every service – in your life. I believe that your phone number is more important than your social security number as an individual identifier. Your phone number is linked to your entire digital trail – your public online accounts, the dossiers private data broker have on you, your mortgage information, your medical history, the location of every place you have ever taken your mobile device, and every person to whom you have placed a call or text message, how long the call lasted, and where it originated. Phone companies also typically don’t do a great job of protecting this information. I think you should make ever effort within your power to obscure your real phone number. Continue reading “3DSC 2.28: Obscure Your Phone Number”

3DSC 2.27: Secure Your Communications

Today we will wrap up our three-day mini-series covering smartphone security.  Your call history and text messages are available to your mobile service provider.  They are also available to malicious parties that can hack your service provider.  Your phone calls and text messages are also available to anyone with certain technology.  Though IMSI-catchers like the Stingray are only available to law enforcement, today’s state “secrets become tomorrow’s PhD theses and the next day’s hacker tools.”  Continue reading “3DSC 2.27: Secure Your Communications”