ProtonMail Update: v2.0

My favorite encrypted email service, ProtonMail has moved into a new phase in its beta rollout.  Last week ProtonMail rolled out beta version 2.0.  The full details can be found on the ProtonMail blog, but there are several significant upgrades that I would like to point out here.

Encrypted Attachments to Outside Users:  ProtonMail now allows you to encrypt attachments and to outside users, not just to other ProtonMail users.  This is one of the features I wrote that I would like to see in my last post about ProtonMail (not that I think I had anything to do with the decision to add this feature).

Public Key Download:  ProtonMail now offers you the ability to download your public key.  This allows you to share it with PGP users, and allows them to send encrypted messages to your ProtonMail account.  I also wrote about this last time, but I would still like to see this feature upgraded to allow the import of others’ public keys.

Event Logging:  Under ProtonMail’s “Security” tab (in Settings) is an option to log authentication events (logins, logouts, and unsuccessful login attempts).  The Advanced Logging feature displays the event, a time and date stamp, and the IP address from which the event occurred, while the Basic Logging only displays the event and a time/date stamp.  Event logging can also be disabled completely, allowing you to (theoretically) prevent ProtonMail from recording your login times and IP addresses.  According to ProtonMail the event logs are only available in the user’s mailbox, which means they are encrypted.

The most exciting feature won’t be around until a little later this week though: on August 20th ProtonMail will release beta apps for both iOS and Android.

I am very happy to see ProtonMail adding features like these. I would still very much like to have a two-factor authentication option, and I am told that we should expect one late this year.  Updates to follow.

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