IronKey Secure Flash Drive Review

I have always been a bit skeptical of the IronKey secure flash drive.  While boasting some sexy features, the cost seemed probitive and unjustified to me.  After several reader questions I decided it was finally time to get one of these devices and try it for myself.  The result: I’m convinced that this is the ultimate in secure, portable data.  Due to its extreme cost I am still not converting over fully to IronKey, but I would if I could afford to.  There are several features of this device that make it desirable to both enterprise users and the privacy-minded.  Continue reading “IronKey Secure Flash Drive Review”

ITRH Interview & Bugout Backup

I haven’t written much about data backups here before, but they are incredibly important.  Everyday, run-of-the-mill data loss can range from frustrating to devastating. In the midst of a natural disaster the impact of personal data loss may be compounded as you are trying to deal with much more basic needs.  I am proud to be a guest on the In The Rabbit Hole Urban Survival Podcast this week (the episode will air today and can be found here).  Aaron and I talked about backing up the documents you may need to have on hand in an emergency, or what I call the “Bugout Backup”.  I also mentioned how to store and protect this information with encryption.  Our first topic was why having this information is important.

Continue reading “ITRH Interview & Bugout Backup”