OS Updates: What They’re REALLY For

I recently read an article that made me realize there is a fundamental rift in how I, and many of the readers here, look at computers, and how the general population does.  It is only a very small subset of the population that considers security, even secondarily.  And if they do, many don’t understand enough about it to implement it properly.  The article in question asks if users should upgrade to the newly released iOS, version 9.3.3.  Hold off on OS updates?  Seriously?

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iOS Encrypted Notes

In the past I have recommended Codebook Secure Notebook as an alternative to iOS’s native notes application.  I even went so far as to recommend NOT using the native Notes app.  However, I have recently completely reversed my position on this.  A third-party app is no longer needed to secure your notes.  Beginning in iOS 9.3.2, notes in the native Notes application can be secured with a password.  When password protected, notes are encrypted with AES-128.  This eliminates the need for a third-party application, which reduces overall attack surface.  Taking advantage of iOS encrypted notes is extremely easy and intuitive. Continue reading “iOS Encrypted Notes”