Do Not Disturb From Objective-See

If you are a Mac user and you haven’t heard of Objective-See, you should have. Objective-See is a company founded by former NSA guy† Patrick Wardle that provides some excellent security tools for macOS. Objective-See’s “Do Not Disturb” application is a very cool physical security tool for Mac users that alerts you if your Mac’s lid is opened.  Continue reading “Do Not Disturb From Objective-See”

FileVault Volume Level Encryption

A little known feature of FileVault is the ability to create encrypted volumes. Volumes are essentially encrypted file containers that can store a file or set of files. Volumes can be copied, emailed, burned to a DVD, or just set up as an additional layer of encryption for especially sensitive files. FileVault volume level encryption allows you to do this without needing a third-party application like VeraCrypt – assuming you don’t need to share these volumes with other operating systems.

Continue reading “FileVault Volume Level Encryption”

FileVault External Media Encryption

Encrypting external media is important. During the next part of this series on encryption I am going to discuss encrypting external media like USB flash drives or external hard drives. Because these drives are used as backups or to store sensitive data, and because they are easily lost, encrypting them is just as important as encrypting their hosts. We will begin again with FileVault external media encryption. Continue reading “FileVault External Media Encryption”

FileVault Full Volume Encryption

FileVault is one my favorite out-of-the-box features of Mac computers.  FileVault is Apple’s built-in disk encryption utility.  Recently Apple has been publicly leading the way in encryption and privacy issues, and when digging into the features it becomes obvious that this focus is not a mere afterthought.  While on the surface it seems simple, FileVault provides far more robust capabilities than you might imagine.  Unfortunately, some of these options are not immediately apparent.  I recently began exploring some of these options.  Due to the amount of information, this will be another multi-part series.  Today we will cover FileVault full volume encryption. Continue reading “FileVault Full Volume Encryption”