O&O Shutup 10: Multipurpose Windows 10 Tool

One of my favorite security tools for Windows 10 is one that I also have a hard time categorizing. It is incredibly versatile and touches a lot of different aspects of security. This tool is called O&O ShutUp10. If you’re a Windows 10 user and you aren’t using this, you should definitely give it a look. Continue reading “O&O Shutup 10: Multipurpose Windows 10 Tool”

Bitlocker External Media Encryption

Encrypting external media is important. During the next part of this series on encryption I am going to discuss encrypting external media like USB flash drives or external hard drives. Because these drives are used as backups or to store sensitive data, and becaus they are easily lost, encrypting them is just as important as encrypting their hosts. Today’s post will cover using BitLocker external media encryption or as it is officially known, BitLocker To Go. Continue reading “Bitlocker External Media Encryption”

VeraCrypt Full Disk Encryption (Win7)

Windows users looking for a free full disk encryption option should consider VeraCrypt full disk encryption. VeraCrypt seems to have become the de facto replacement for TrueCrypt. Most former TrueCrypt users I know have migrated to it, including me. VeraCrypt is an important software because, as of now, it is perhaps the most trusted free full-disk encryption programs available for Windows machines. Continue reading “VeraCrypt Full Disk Encryption (Win7)”

BitLocker Full Disk Encryption

Bitlocker is Windows’ OEM full disk encryption software. Though VeraCrypt 1.18 now advertises support for Windows 10/UEFI machines, I recently have had issues with it. And since I couldn’t make it work, I’m not going to recommend it to you as your sole option. This means that BitLocker may still be the best viable full disk encryption option for a good percentage of Windows users. This is unfortunate but since it’s currently the best option, I’m going to cover BitLocker full disk encryption for Windows 10. Continue reading “BitLocker Full Disk Encryption”